Thursday, June 30, 2016

Missing Inaction

I've been neglectful of my blog in the last couple weeks. My apologies. But here's why:
I got a new, amazing job (more on that later), I got into a little fender bender that is taking a ton of time to remedy (stupid old ladies driving too-big SUVs and stupid insurance companies), and I have had some personal-life storminess (more on that way later, after things calm down).

But--and here is where I think you will forgive my absence a bit--I've been writing. And writing. And to the phase in my writing where I have to stop writing for a moment and be read.

Which scares the shit out of me. So I am going to go ahead and take the plunge by offering this piece for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

As a little background: Two Novembers ago, I participated in my first NaNoWriMo in which I produced 50,000 words that could be only charitably described as a hot mess. I titled it Trapped in the Badlands and Other Natural Disasters.

The title is the only thing about that "novel" that hasn't changed. It has evolved into a collection of linked short stories, where each story can both stand alone and enhance the over-arching narrative. Those very embryonic stories are what I took with me to the writing retreat in Ireland this last March. And it was there that they started to bloom.

The Hag of Beara

The Anam Cara retreat focused on writing women as heroes and the mythology that surrounds female warriors and deities. And that was what Badlands was missing. A warrior.

Brigid, Irish goddess of fire, poetry, arts, and crafts
So here it is. Wildfire. Any and all feedback is welcome. Just click on the link below. Now, excuse me while I head off to the restroom to vomit a little.