Thursday, December 31, 2015

15 in '15

The end of the year is most often marked by lists. Here is one of my own. I present the 15 most important things I learned this year:

1. There is nothing more important than having the right job for you.

I can not recall another point in my life where I could honestly say that I love my job. I can say it now. This last year, I have worked on projects with powerhouse teams from eBay, HP, Clearlink, and Prudential. I have traveled for work to New York, San Jose, Charlotte, and Seattle. I've received awards and job offers because of my work. I've met some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of working with.

2. Art matters.

Take a moment to look around you. Find something of yours that you love. And take a minute to acknowledge that it would not exist unless some artist pulled it out of a creative brain.

3. But art is really hard sometimes.

I've been working on my book that started as a novel and has evolved into a series of linked short stories. And I am drawing from many of the experiences I have had in my life. It can be really, really painful. But, as I write, I can feel the poison of these hurts leaving me. I can feel these splinters of pain fester out of my body. Sometimes, as I write, it hurts like hell. I can only hope it makes for some good reading.

4. Always have something on your calendar that you are looking forward to.

At this point, my geekness has been very well established. So it will shock none of you that for the past couple months, I had been counting the days until the new Star Wars was released. (Worth the wait! I loved it!)

What's next? Ireland in March!

Life is just a little bit easier when you have something to look forward to.

5. The world is full of injustice.

Gun violence. Police brutality. Bill Cosby. It's been a hard year and a lot of feeling helpless. A lot of guilt for bringing a kid into this chaos.

6. But there really might be a thing to karma.

But then, at--almost literally--the 11th hour, Cosby gets indicted. That nudges at my belief that things really do come around.

7. Sharing something you love with your kid--and having him love it to--it one of the best things about being a parent.

8. And being an aunt is the best job in the world.

9. Lesions happen.

That new on on the right? I've named him Duane.

10. It's an illusion to think you are in control.

But you also can't throw your future into the false idea of predestination. I know, I know. I have no explanation of how both of these thoughts can co-exist. I'm working on it.

11. Beauty and wisdom can appear in surprising places.

This was a birthday card to my son, from his friend Theddus.

It reads:

Happy birthday Nathan. Don't worry about your height. Worry about your heart and how kind it is and your brain and how smart you are. People that judge you about your height will be working for you. God only has things grow until they're perfect. You just got there before me.

I will never achieve that level of writing. Such purpose and heart.

12.  Bad, bad shit happens and no one does much about it.

13. But, despite it all, there is some progress.

14. We are worth so much more than what we settle for. 

Well, most of us, anyway.

15. It's important to believe in magic.

Here's to a 2016 filled with happiness, art, wisdom, and lessons. And maybe just a touch of magic.