Friday, July 26, 2013

Avonex and 8 Wheels

There are two things in my house right now that I never even imagined might be there: Avonex and Quads

The Avonex is Interferon beta, an injectable medicine that is supposed to reduce the frequency of MS relapses. I keep it in my fridge, right next to the half drunk bottle of white. 

Quads are the speed skates used in the Derby. Four wheels on each boot. They are supposed to go fast. I keep them in a gym bag with my pads, helmet, and a couple of dryer sheets to cut the wonderful stink.

My favorite thing about Avonex? You might think it is the needle in my thigh every seven days. Ha, you would be wrong! It isn't even the flu-like symptoms that visit me about 24 hours after the shot. Who doesn't love the chills! No, it is this, straight out of the stack of literature that gets delivered with the meds:

"The way Avonex works in MS is not known."

What the…

I got my first pair of skates yesterday. I had been borrowing the skates I used for the last two team workouts. As soon as I opened the box and smelled the leather of the boots, I laced them on. I wore them around my house for an hour. There are parallel wheel tracks all over my carpet.

My favorite thing about my skates? I was brave enough to have a need for them.

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