Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fresh Meat? I'm Ground Beef

I had Derby training today. Remember, back in the day, spending an afternoon skating around the rink with the lights flashing while they played YMCA? Yeah, this isn't that.

This was my second Fresh Meat training session. We skate Wednesdays and Saturdays. Last Wednesday was challenging. An hour on skates with the rest of the rookies, followed by an hour of strength and cardio training with the entire team. On Saturdays, we start with the off-skate workout.

I missed the first Saturday session, so I didn't know that the hour one training would make my hour two training--the on-skate hour--even more difficult for me. I did not do well. My legs were shaky and tired. My right hand started getting this tremor that did nothing to help my balance. (The hand tremor is a result of the MS meds. It usually occurs about 48 hours after the shot. The shaky legs are a result of me being woefully out of shape.)

I stink. And I don't mean I am bad at skating, which I am. I mean that this t-shirt I am wearing would mask the stench of Limburger cheese. But, yes, I am still bad at skating. Here is my four-point plan to improve:

1. Skate in the park with Sara a couple times a week. Make her literally skate circles around me.

2. Work on my core strength by planking at random points in the day. I apologize in advance to my coworkers.

3. Go to the roller rink to practice my crossovers and practice my subsequent falls. Watch the second graders deftly avoid my sprawled body while YMCA plays. Yes, they still play that.

4. Slowly transition the time I take my shot, so I give it to myself after my Wednesday practice. I can sit and shake in my cube at work. My tremor-filled typing will make for some interesting copy editing.

As I am typing this, I am feeling exhausted and sore. And happy and pleased. For the first Saturday since I started the Avonex, I am tired and sore for amazing reasons. I'm Fresh Meat.

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