Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It’s All About Results

I got the MRI results from my doctor. “Stable, with no new lesions.” So that means that the Avonex is doing what it is supposed to be doing.

I skated with adorable Ali last Thursday. She said that the only setback she was noticing from my hiatus was my endurance. That resulted in my fatigue setting in earlier. But my form was good. Well, except for that last jump, which landed me on my ass.

Right now, the entire office is gathering in the large conference room, watching soccer and drinking beer. (Well, most of the office. I am upstairs writing a blog post.) I like neither soccer nor beer.

I need results. I need to see what my investment of time or money or energy will reap. I need a tangible--or at least understandable--thing that I can point to and say "This plus this equals that."

Avonex plus vitamin shots equals no new lesions. 

Ali plus skating equals stoking the derby desire.

Soccer doesn’t promise results. After 90 minutes, the score can be zero-zero, and the players shake hands and go home. You can watch men running in shorts for only so long before you ponder the idea that soccer is as meaningless and pointless as a great deal of other things encountered in life.

Call me when it's time for hockey and margaritas.

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