Wednesday, July 23, 2014

42 + 100

Tomorrow is my birthday. And this is my 100th blog post.

I have been writing this blog for exactly one year. Yet, today, I find myself at a loss for words. Which is—let’s be fair—an unusual state for me. I’ve been staring at this blank page for about 2 hours now. I keep checking in on it. So far, I’ve got nothing. I type, I delete, I put it aside.

This one seems like a significant post. A marker. A representation of a year gone past. And I've got nothing new to say. So, instead, here is my Prime Year of 41 in review:

The Good

I got brand new skates.

I found a new appreciation of my body.

I added some color to my life.
(Sorry this isn’t filed under “The Lasts”, Dad…)

I found some heroes.

The Bad

I started injecting myself with Avonex.

I became discouraged.

I felt so sad.

I nursed a broken heart.

I fought depression.

I embraced my pessimistic side.

The Ugly

I got my ass kicked in Fresh Meat practice.

I lost any tenuous grasp on faith.

I found new enemies I had to battle.

I had my first MS relapse.

I endured more MRI procedures.

And the Beautiful

I found great beauty in needles.

I found some peace.

I figured some things out about myself.

I allowed me to think of myself as nothing less than spectacular.

This Prime Year--Year 1 A.D.--has been filled with many firsts and many lasts.

The Firsts

(I did a crossover!!)

The Lasts

It’s been an amazing, crazy, emotional, beautiful Year 41. And as it draws to a close, I am keeping this in mind: 43 is a prime number too…

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