Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh My God Becky

After two score and one year, I have finally found a sport for which my body is perfectly suited. And I fell ass backwards into it. (Please excuse the pun.) My body is built for Derby.

My thunder thighs? These are Wonder thighs. They are powerful and strong. They can both take a hit and push through a wall of chicks on skates. My ample bum? I will be using it to my advantage. One of the most important defensive moves in Derby is the Booty Block.

For the first time ever in my life, someone said to me “I am so jealous of your butt.”

The whole idea of defensive Derby is to not let the other team’s Jammer pass. The more space you take up, the more you control the pace of the pack, the a bigger pain in the ass (so to speak) you are to the Jammer.

I find it really interesting what is happening to my body. I am following Dr. Sister’s explicit instructions to become as strong as I can in preparation for a time when I will need all the muscle strength I can get. Many people with MS will lose muscle strength as the disease progresses. Better to start out with as much muscle you can get.

And I am building muscle. I have found muscles in my arms that I never knew were there. My jeans, while becoming looser around the waist, are getting tighter in the calves. And the tattoo on my upper thigh is looking different. It has started the transition from being displayed on a relatively stationary thigh to a thigh that is becoming hard and solid. No joke. You can see the progression in the tattoo. It is also seeing the light of day a lot more than it used to.

But more than strength, I am improving my agility and flexibility. My balance gets better every time I put on skates. These things will reap huge rewards. Not only during a scrimmage or a bout, but when that pesky MS rears it’s ugly head in the future.

You know what the greatest thing about Derby is? Every woman—every single one of us—has a body built for Derby. Go ahead. Try to prove me wrong.

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