Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Down and Derby

I have a big deadline at work that has forced me to neglect my blog for a few day. But I wanted to make time to share a couple quick things:

The lovely Jane Accostin' asked me a few weeks ago if she could use my blog stories as part of a presentation she was doing for work. She sent me the link to the talk she gave. It was a really interesting analysis of how we can take lessons from Derby and apply them in different places in our lives. Here is the video link. It is most certainly worth 20 minutes of your time.

And, I got my Derby headshot taken. Then I got it retaken. I finally found a picture of myself that I like.

Things around here are about to get crazy. I'll try to check in with you all before the holiday madness gets upgraded from Tropical Storm St. Nick to a full on hurricane. But, in case I don't, have a wonderful holiday.

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