Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons Learned

Everyone has an event or two in their lives that changes them irreversibly. When that happens, we need to extract the lessons from the pain. Then we heal ourselves and move forward.

Things I will never again give to anyone:
The key to my house
The key to my happiness
The key to my heart
Things I will always give to someone:
My love
My trust
My time

Things I will never hold on to:
Ticket stubs
Hotel room keys
Dried flowers
Things I will keep forever:
My scars
My lessons
My dignity

Lessons I've learned:
Everyone deserves a second chance. But not a third.
Loneliness is different than solitude.
If it causes you more pain than happiness, let go.
Never hold on to something that is not holding on to you.
Never let someone else hold on to your happiness. They will drop it. Every single time.
I deserve to find happiness.

Lessons I've taught:
I'm not sure I have taught anything.

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