Friday, August 23, 2013

Hidden Heroes

These last few days, I have been given a glimpse of what true bravery is.

There are some moments in our lives that require grand, super hero levels of bravery. Thankfully, we are very rarely called to lift something impossibly heavy, walk through something unimaginably hot, or rescue someone completely helpless.

For most of our lives, the bravery needed to survive the day-to-day struggle is subtle to the point of being lost on most people and completely unrecognized in ourselves.

There are two incredibly important people in my life that have very recently been amazingly heroic. And I had the wonderful privilege of witnessing it. One act of heroism involved stepping out of everything comfortable and safe in order to find happiness and truth. The other involved sacrificing stability and quiet to create balance and justice.

The most amazing thing about witnessing the bravery of others is how it can fuel your own. We all are called on to be brave from time to time. I had my own call to bravery not to long ago.

Bravery is a tool that most people don’t seek to utilize. Being brave usually means that the wheels are off the wagon. I’m not sure that being in a position where you need to be brave is ever really a good thing. The situation is never positive, but the results sure can be.

You find strength you never knew you had. You discover an army of people willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. You realize that you are actually going to get through this, whatever “this” is.

You start to think that you can do anything when you see people you love do everything.

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